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The name STEFES has been a synonym for innovative Crop Protection based on generic active ingredients for over four decades. We cover the whole chain from raw material sourcing up to the finished product for professional users and registration holders. The business field AGRO comprises crop protection, plant nutrition, raw materials & services and seeds.

Crop Protection

In particular for large crops like grain, oilseed rape, maize, sugar beet and potatoes we are offering to the professional grower various products to control weeds, diseases and pests. Respective products can be found under the following headings:

Foliar Fertilizer

A portfolio of first class Foliar Fertilizer (Liquids & Suspensions) completes our spectrum of products in the area of agriculture.

Plant Nutrition

Micronutrients and Biostimulants are playing an increasingly important role for growers. That is why we have entered into a partnership with Sanovita Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH, a leader in this technology. A short presentation can be found here.

The link to Sanovita can be found here:

We are proud to be the exclusive partner in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece. This in the area of plant health - for the herbagreen® product line. Press release

The herbagreen® product portfolio includes herbagreen® classic, herbagreen® Z20, herbagreen® fluisan and herbagreen® amino so far.

Latin America


We are holding the following registrations:

  • Epoxiconazole 125 g/kg WDG + Kresoxim-Methyl 125 g/kg WG (SPARTA KOMBI 25 WG)
  • Bentazone 480 g/l SL (SPARTAZONE 48 SL)
  • Pyrimethanil 600 g/l SL (SPARTANIL 60 SC)
  • Pyraclostrobin 250 g/l EC (SPARTBIN 25 EC)

More innovative formulations are in develpment


In 2019 we are expecting registration for the following products:

  • Propamocarb Hydrochloride 722 g/l SL (SPARTICUR)
  • Acephate 900 g/kg SP (SPARTACUS)
  • Epoxiconazole 125 g/l + Kresoxim-Methyl 125 g/l SC (SPARTA COMBI)
  • Chlorfenapyr 240 g/l SC (SPARTAPIR)
  • Bentazone 480 g/l SL (SPARTAZONE)
  • Pyrimethanil 600 g/l SC (SPARTANIL)

Furthermore, for products of the biostimulant herbagreen® family

  • herbagreen fluisan
  • herbagreen Z20
  • herbagreen amino

we have begun with field trials and the registration process.

Raw Materials and Services

We are offering various services around agrochemicals. For details please see the respective sections: procurement, production, recipe development and registration.

Technical active ingredients for the production of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. 

We are enjoying long-standing and trustful relationships to manufacturers in many countries. Regular quality audits and inspections prior to shipment of goods are part of our services. The active ingredients are always aligned to the respective formulation recipes.

Production Services


We are offering you formulated products in different formulation types, based on our or on your own recipes: 

  • Liquid (SC, SL, SE, EC, AL, OD)
  • Powder (WP, SP)
  • Granule (WDG, DF, GR, SG) 

A formulation of the highest quality is the basis for a successful application of the plant protection product. We are mainly using our own German formulation plant, SFM Chemicals GmbH. You may obtain the full service package, which means that you provide the specification and the artwork for the label and leave the rest in our care. Or on request, we can formulate your own active ingredients and the tolling can be done under customs supervision. The necessary licenses are with us. We are having the flexibility to react fast on your requirements, as we all know that most of the time the weather condition is telling us when and how much product is needed.

In our own packaging plant, we are offering filling of liquid and solid substances in any kind of size and package: Bottles - Vials - Pails - Cans - Jerry cans - Drums - Folded boxes - Bags - Pouches (polyethylene / plastic / paper / water soluble foil).

Recipe Development and Registration
Our recipes are up to date and we are always ready to develop new formulations – as per your requirement. An integral part for putting a registration package together, are recipes. We are regularly putting own dossiers together – or are assisting our customers to complete their dossiers. The necessary documentation is either readily available or can be obtained shortly. Studies of any kind are commissioned at GLP laboratories.

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