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Speciality Chemicals

In this business unit we are offering 2 different product groups. On the one hand our proven Car Care CLASSIC line and on the other hand selected, innovative industrial cleaners.

CLASSIC addresses the user who likes traditional products. Those are reliable, strong against soilings but gentle to the treated surfaces.

Together with a partner we are designing high performance cleaner that meet or mostly surpass current competitive products. Those have distinct environmental and worker's safety/protection benefits that allow a reduction or elimination of solvents, VOC's, acid levels etc. We call them "Products with a green footprint". And the best comes last: Development projects are free of charge! 


We call it "Innovation in raw materials and solutions" and this technology platform consists of the following elements:

Patented acid replacements

  • Behave like strong acids, but do not "misbehave" like strong acids

  • Non-fuming formulations

  • Generally low odor

  • Often non-corrosive to mild steel

  • Often non-corrosive to skin

  • Often green certifiable

Replacement for hydrofluoric acid and other traditional acids!

Speciality surfactants/chemicals

  • Excellent DST/ITF profiles

  • Excellent eco profile in general

  • Allows for elimination of solvents/VOC's from formulations

  • Exceptional degreasing properties even under dilution

  • No gel phase encountered in mixing - easy to formulate

  • Self-hydrotoped

The most versatile surfactant chemistry available!

Green solvents

  • Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC's), alkyl ethoxylates (APE's), glycol ethers and/or phosphates

  • We can help create a green product for approval by most green and environmental certifications

  • In addition, we can supply data on raw materials to assist in our customers submission to regulatory authorities

Setting the new standard for green products!    

Videoclip archive

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