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We are a medium sized corporation which is mainly active in Crop Protection, Nutraceuticals, Biostimulators, Foliar Fertilizer and Speciality Chemicals (Industrial Chemicals & Car Care). Development, production and distribution are belonging to our core activities. Customers in more than 50 countries are already relying on us.

For our Crop Protection business, we are investing in own generic registrations in Europe and overseas. This goes together with innovative product development and distribution agreements in many countries.

Our Nutraceutical division offers you – combined with its excellent partners – an outstanding entry to innovative and recently most interesting raw materials. Based on many years of experience the Nutraceutical team has comprehensive possibilities and knowledge in sourcing and supplying of various plant extracts, amino acids as well as other specialties for the use in Nutraceuticals.

Biostimulators and natural leaf fertilizer from the Herbagreen family are integral components for plant health. Partners in many countries - around the world - are convinced of the benefits and hence we will expand our activities in that field.

Liquid foliar fertilizer and suspensions complete the package for the grower. Highest quality and effect characterize those products. All fertilizers have the ideal composition of macro- and micronutrients. But the innovation lies in the nutrients fragmentation to the size of nanoparticles.

In our Speciality Chemicals business unit we offer selected, innovative products that have a home in the industrial and car cleaning sector. These are used in the professional as well as private sector and are characterized by an outstanding cleaning performance. Many products are based on new patents and provide clear environmental and occupational safety/protection benefits.

We are offering you "everything from a single source" and no order is too small for us. We trust in a partnership with our customers and principals that ensures long-term success for both parties.


STEFES GmbH & STEFES Ingredients GmbH / Germany

STEFES GmbH/STEFES Ingredients GmbH, Hamburg is your contact partner for inquiries in Europe and overseas. Detailed market and product knowledge enables us in all our business units to procure or develop innovative products. In time and thorough logistics are an integral part of the procurement and delivery of your goods. 

STEFES GmbH / Austria

STEFES GmbH, Vienna is the parent company of the STEFES-Group. Moreover, this company is taking care of own operations, whilst the focal points of the business are performed by its subsidiary in Hamburg.

P.T. STEFES Indonesia / Indonesia

Our independent company has registered a number of crop protection chemicals as well as fertilizers and is constantly engaged to bring further innovative products onto the market. At this we are supporting from Germany and are combining our strength with the knowledge on location in Indonesia. 

At present we are distributing herbicides, growth regulators and fertilizers which are mainly used in the following crops: Tillage, grassland, pasture, forest, cereal, rubber, cocoa, fruit trees.

SFM Chemicals GmbH / Germany

Since 01.01.2018 member of the STEFES Group. A formulation plant located in Franconia (Northern Bavaria), that has more than 60 years of experience in the formulation and filling of liquid and solid crop protection products. Mixing and filling of various liquid substances into a new homogenous form completes the service offer.

Guiding Principles, Core Values and Responsibility

We are a diversified international company and we are offering our customers a wide range of products and services. We know of our responsibilities which are coming along when dealing with them. The following statements shall underline our actions.

  • We are standing for controlled growth through diversification and global orientation. The shareholders are giving company interests priority over own interests. We are looking for the long term success and not for the short term profit.
  • We are keeping promises given to our customers and suppliers. Our team has a high ability to respond and a fine dedication. We are always looking for innovations for our products and by doing so, we want to create an extra value for our customers.
  • Some of our products are having environmental requirements which we always respect and we are continuously updating our customers on that. Professional use with our products will preserve the environment and protect the user. In a dialogue between manufacturer and user, products and processes are being improved constantly.

Responsible care is a continuous process for us where in areas like Environment, Safety and Health we are working for livable future.


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