At STEFES Ingredients, we associate great importance to quality of raw materials and customer satisfaction, because first-class ingredients are required for excellent end products. On this page you will get an overview of our product portfolio.



Plant extracts and Powders

Plant extracts from A like Acai to M like Myrrh to Z like Zeaxanthin have become more and more important in recent years. We recognized this trend at an early stage and now have a large number of qualified suppliers for a variety of plant extracts and qualities. Of course, we regularly update our portfolio. At your request, we also like to source less popular plant extracts.



Specialties are our passion. We also like to source less known products for you. It does not matter if it is a natural or synthetic raw material.


Nutrition for pets

Dietary supplements – in its numerous forms - are not only available for humans, but also for animals. They are legally considered as feed. Since mid-2018 we are registered as a feed distributor. As a result, and through the addition of new suppliers, we are now able to provide the raw materials for this product portfolio. We look forward to your inquiries.



Cold pressed oils are ideally suited to be used in cosmetics, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. By cold pressing at temperatures not exceeding 40 ° C, the oils retain the maximum content of vitamins, minerals, active ingredients and fatty acids. We are all the more pleased that we were able to expand our range with cold-pressed oils from different seed varieties, 100% pure and without additives. The raw material Ovoderm® of our partner Eggnovo is perfect for use in beauty-inside-out-products for skin, hair and nails. Many of our customers have already been able to convince themselves.

Organic raw materials

The need for natural and uncontaminated raw materials has been increasing for some time. That's why we got certified in 2012 and are constantly expanding our organic portfolio.

Product portfolios

Here you will find our product portfolios:

-> Raw materials for nutraceuticals, functional foods and food

-> Raw materials for feed

-> Finished products

Of course, we are always pleased to receive inquiries for raw materials that are not listed on the product list - regardless of whether they are conventional or organic.

„Which benefit we should offer to every single business partner? To listen and understand, what really is needed so our partners can go home in the evening with their mind at rest.“

Cornelius Geercken, Authorised Representative, STEFES Ingredients GmbH