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Together with our partners, we offer you access to innovative, up-to-date and interesting raw materials. Tailored solutions for our customers are part our day-to-day business. This enables our customers to obtain the products that meets their expectations and most importantly, benefit them.


aXichem is an innovative Swedish biotechnology company specialising in the development of natural analogue ingredients. aXichem’s product aXivite® is a natural analogue substance, Phenyl-capsaicin, which is a synthetic developed and patented capsaicin. Since it is developed synthetically, it has several advantages compared to natural capsaicin, such as controllable quality and production process. The product is suited for nutraceuticals.

Short presentation of aXivite®


Together with our Spanish, biotechnology based partner Eggnovo we are able to offer an innovative and widely useable Eggshell Membrane Powder, produced by a patented and environmentally friendly process.

Supported by various own studies this raw material contains Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine and Chondroitine as well as many other ingredients in combination naturally, while these components often are already used as single ingredient or in combination in many products.

The Eggshell Membrane Powder can be used in nutraceuticals (Joint Health), cosmetics (Skin, Hair, Nails) as well as in pet food nutrition (Joint Health). This raw material gives you the option of either developing totally new products or have an existing product to undergo a facelift.

Product overview of Eggnovo / Short presentation of Eggnovo

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We are pleased that we have gained Kemin as a partner since mid-2018. The American manufacturer is the manufacturer of numerous natural, scientifically based ingredients that improve the health and life of humans and animals. The innovations include, for example, raw materials to maintain well-being, to improve eye and cognitive health, to support weight loss and to increase athletic performance.

One of the natural raw materials is NeumentixTM. It has been clinically proven and based on well-founded studies that this extract of naturally-derived spearmint aids in concentration, memoryand physical performance. We are happy to provide you with more information so that you can convince yourself. NeumentixTM is the optimal addition to your portfolio.


The Israeli manufacturer Lycored is a worldwide leading manufacturer of natural carotenoids like Lycopen (Lyc-O-Mato), Lutein (Lyc-O-Lutein) as well as Betacarotin (Lyc-O-Beta). The natural carotenoids are often used in nutraceuticals due to its positive influence on health.

LycoRed possesses a technology to micro encapsulate almost every raw material. This enables LycoRed to manufacture slow release as well as extra stable qualities for various applications. LycoRed is very scientifically oriented, owns studies and a very high level of technical knowledge.

The production sites are certified ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, GMP, Kosher and Halal.