Eggnovo news and updates

Our partner Eggnovo will more or less regularly prepare some information in respect to the raw materials Ovomet®, Ovoderm® and Ovopet® and its possible use in finished products. We gladly provide you this information as follows.


18.08.2020 Ovoderm® for sun damaged skin
02.07.2020 Ovoderm® for skin health
08.06.2020 Ovopet®-food
02.06.2020 Ovoderm® for sun damaged skin repair
25.05.2020 Ovopet® for skin and coat
11.05.2020 Ovopet® for joints and tendons
31.03.2020 Ovoderm® for skin anti-aging
24.03.2020 Ovomet® for sport nutrition as post-workout supplement and recovery enhancer
17.03.2020 Ovomet® for overall health and wellness
05.02.2020 Extended product range