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Product news

NeumentixTM is a patented naturally-sourced nootropic from spearmint (Mentha spicata). Nootropics are substances that improve people's cognitive abilities. Various Studies have shown that Neumentix can increase the performance in concentration, memory, mood and motivation. Neumentix is water soluble and stable at a range of pH 2-7 as well as up to over 140°C, which makes it possible to use the ingredient in various consumer products.

Exhibitions 2020

At following exhibitions we will take part. We look forward to meeting you there:

??.??.-??.??.20FIBO, Cologne (postponed to 2nd half of the year)
19.05.-22.05.20Interzoo, Nuremberg
01.09.-03.09.20Vitafoods, Geneva
07.10.-10.10.20Expopharm, Dusseldorf
13.10.-15.10.20CPHI, Milano
16.10.-18.10.20Hund & Pferd, Dortmund
01.12.-03.12.20Health Ingredients Europe, Frankfurt


02.02.-07.02.21Jagd & Hund, Dortmund
17.02.-20.02.21Biofach, Nuremberg