SFM Chemicals GmbH

SFM Chemicals GmbH is a medium sized corporation with more than 60 years experience in the production of chemical products. Formulation and packaging of crop protection products is core competence, where customers in the domestic and international market rely on the offered services. Formulation and filling of numerous other solid or liquid chemical specialities, i.e. cleaning agents and products for the building industry round up the services. The company is located in the northern part of Bavaria - strategically placed to supply customers. In an ever changing business environment, services are expanded rapidly in other fields of chemical production - this comes together with a motivated, young and dynamic team. A high degree of flexibility allows to work on small projects and to grow together with customers!

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For many years, SFM Chemicals GmbH stands for highest agrochemical production quality "Made in Germany". Here we already offer a wide range of different products and services. But also in the field of speciality chemicals, we are constantly expanding our expertise and service for you.



We manufacture different formulations of different products (except food products) according to customer specifications. These can be liquids or powders and are checked by our quality control laboratory before delivery.


Speciality Chemicals

We are also the right partner for numerous specialty chemicals. In addition to various cleaning agents and products from the building materials industry, we mix and fill various chemical products.


Filling and Packaging

Whether formulated by us or already finished goods - we fill your product in different container sizes. For liquids from 5 ml to 1000 ltr IBC and for solids from 50 g to big bags.