SFM Chemicals GmbH – The formulation company within the STEFES Group

On 12.12.2019, SFM Chemicals GmbH has signed a purchase and exchange contract with the city of Ochsenfurt to start measures to relocate its production plant to an industrial park in Ochsenfurt.

The City of Ochsenfurt plans to develop SFM Chemicals’ today’s location into a touristic recreation area. In open discussions and with the backing of the local government and the Bavarian State, it was mutually agreed that SFM Chemicals will move its operations into an industrial park in Ochsenfurt. The agreement will enable SFM Chemicals to build a new plant, install the latest formulation and packing equipment and start operating from the new facility sometime in 2023. Until that time, SFM Chemicals will continue to operate from its present unit.

Karsten Fischer, Managing Director of STEFES GmbH and Wolfgang Martin, Managing Director of SFM Chemicals GmbH, welcome this new milestone in SFM’s history as a great opportunity to further develop the location.

STEFES Food GmbH - New member of the STEFES-Group


STEFES Food GmbH is the newest member of the STEFES-Group. Although a young company, it is managed by colleagues who together have more than half a century of experience in the food trade.

A wide variety of products are traded in the plant-to-plate sector, with a steadily increasing focus on ecologically sustainable products.

The assortment comes from all parts of the world, and quality, service and responsible action are the top priorities in the selection process.


On 1 October 2019, we started our project "Training measures for the sustainable improvement of conventional and organic smallholder agriculture" and successfully completed it by 31 March 2022. Indonesia is an important and growing market for us and we are conducting business through our subsidiary PT STEFES Indonesia. Thanks to our network and experience with special leaf fertilizer, biostimulants and soil management, the German Government – through its Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ(that is promoting sustainable projects worldwide), supported us in implementing this program.

Through, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) fosters private sector engagement in areas where entrepreneurial opportunities and development challenges overlap. Sequa is one managing organisation appointed by the BMZ to implement the program.

In the region of West Java as well as all over Indonesia, there are literally hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers that are supporting the country by providing fruits, vegetables as well as other agricultural products. Knowledge about latest technologies in sustainable and organic farming can not reach each and everyone. In order to bring such knowledge to the Indonesian farmer, this project has been set up.

In December 2019, we had started a training programme for 10 local agronomists to impart specialised knowledge in sustainable agriculture. This know-how was passed on by the 10 trainers to more than 1000 smallholder farmers who are united in 3 farmer cooperatives. Also involved was an agricultural college from Lembang, "SMK Pertanian Pembangunan Negeri", which accompanied student activities around the project.

The main objective was to provide knowledge to improve yield and quality of crops and to encourage growers to continue sustainable farming after the end of the trainings.

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Link to the project video:

Registration for „AMINO 16“ received

Our organic plant strengthening agent AMINO 16 was added to the FiBL input list in September 2020. AMINO 16 is now also available for use in accordance with the principles of organic farming.

We have had BVL approval for conventional farming since 2019 - under the approval number LSN 00A328-00 / 00.


More information can be found here:

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Receipt of the AEO-C Authorized Economic Operator permit for the area of “Customs Simplification”

Since September 30, 2019 and after a successful audit by the customs authorities, STEFES GmbH has been granted an AEO-C license.

As an AEO-certified company, we are recognized by customs as a safe trading partner and can benefit from simplifications in the context of customs formalities. Furthermore, access to further customs simplifications is made easier for us.

The certification allows us to speed up customs processes and procedures for our customers during import and export activities. Internationally, the AEO status is currently recognized by the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Norway, Japan, Andorra and China.

SANIKIT – First Aid for spray damage and phytotoxicity

Germany: Sanikit is a newly developed combi pack consisting of each 1 bottle of 500 ml from the biostimulant fluisan and the adhesion and penetration agent drop-kick. Please find more information in the German section > AGRO in the area of micro nutrients, biostimulants as well as adhesion and penetration agents.

Registration of selected products in Ecuador und Panama

As part of the expansion of our business, we have started the approval process for selected products in Ecuador and Panama. In Panama, we have received first registrations:

• Epoxiconazole 125 g/kg + Kresoxim-Methyl 125 g/kg WDG
• Bentazone 480 g/l SL
• Pyrimethanil 600 g/l SL
• Pyraclostrobin 250 g/l EC
• Chlorothalonil 500 g/l + Azoxystrobin 60 g/l SC
• Glyphosate-Potassium 540 g/l SL
• Metolachlor 960 g/l EC

Also in the area of special fertilizer and biostimulants we are holding registrations in Panama:

• Amino16 (Free L-Amino acid solution)
• COS 90 (Chitosan Oligosaccarides 90%)
• NeoGreen® Liquid (Tannin and algae extracts)
• NeoGreen® Powder20 (Mineral foliar fertilizer)
• NeoGreen® Powder Classic (Mineral foliar fertilizer)

In Ecuador, there are a number of innovative formulations in the approval pipeline for which we expect registrations shortly. Parallel to this, we are holding two registrations from the herbagreen® family of biostimulants and leaf fertilizer.

• Herbagreen Fluisan (Tannin and algae extracts)
• Herbagreen Z20 (Mineral foliar fertilizer)