P.T. STEFES Indonesia


Based in Jakarta, our team is always developing intelligent solutions for the Indonesian agriculture. These consist mainly of innovative, organic products that significantly increase the yield and quality of the products grown. Throughout the country, big cooperations as well as smallholder growers are confirming the success of our programs.




Leaf fertilizer

  • Herbagreen Z20
  • Herbagreen Classic
  • Herbagreen Protect F



  • Herbagreen fluisan


Other products

  • Herbagreen Protect V (Virucide)
  • Booster (Adjuvant)
  • Humic Acid (Soil conditioner)


Crop Protection

  • Metsulfuron-Methyl 20% WG (TRON 20 WG)
  • Ethephon 480 SL (ETHERCASH)

Our team in Jakarta


Chief Operating OfficerYohanes Jaka Nugraha
Chiefagronomist IndonesiaIr. Asmariady HT
LogisticsNina Aulia Dhaulain
WarehouseLauw Ho Sin
CommissionerKarsten Fischer
DirectorLutz Rempel

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Update 1 - 10.01.2020



In the week from December 9th to December 13th, 2019, the first one-week training of our trainers began on the premises of the agricultural high school SMK Pertanian Pembangunan Negeri. Under the leadership of Mr. Nesensohn and Mr. Asmariady, the 10 trainers were given knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Indonesian agriculture
  2. International agriculture
  3. Soil chemistry - Basics
  4. Soil physics - Basics
  5. Soil biology - Basics
  6. Plant production - Morphology - Basics
  7. Plant nutrition - Physiology - Basics
  8. Plant protection - Basics
  9. Conventional farming - Basics
  10. Integrated farming - Basics
  11. Organic farming - Basics
  12. Trial planning - Basics
  13. Trial execution - Basics
  14. Trial evaluation - Basics
  15. Knowledge of demoplots - Basics

The lectures were accompanied by a lively question and answer session at the end of each presentation.

Further one-week trainings have been postponed due to the coraonavirus crisis. We will inform you here as soon as there is more information available.

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Update 2 - 05.03.2020


In February, preparations started on 10 demo fields in the Bandung region. After the contracts were signed with the farmers, our colleagues started taking soil samples to assess which field and which fruit or crop is best suited. Then plans were drawn up which exactly determine which inputs are used when and where. In our next update (April 2020) on this topic, we will be able to report on plantings and use of input means.



Sequa gGmbH - developPPP.de/BMZ - STEFES Indonesia

Update 3 - 22.04.2020


After the preparations on the test fields were completed, the planting started. 10 crops on 10 demoplots:

Potatoes - Cauliflowers - Beef tomatoes - Baby beans - Tomatoes - Shallots - Chili - Cabbage - Spinach - Paprika (peppers)


One half of the test fields is cultivated conventionally and the other half according to the rules of integrated pest control. Extensive documentation accompanies the use of inputs, the growth of the plants and ultimately the yield of the harvests.