The name STEFES has been a synonym for innovative Crop Protection based on generic active ingredients for over four decades. We cover the whole chain from raw material sourcing up to the finished product for professional users and registration holders. The business field AGRO comprises crop protection, plant nutrition, raw materials and services and seeds.

In the area of Crop Protection we are investing in own generic registrations in Europe as well as overseas. This goes together with innovative product development and cooperations in sales and distribution in many countries.

Biostimulants and biological foliar fertilizer from the Herbagreen family are an important part in plant nutrition. Partners in many countries are convinced of the effect, so that this business area will be consistently expanded by us.

Liquid leaf fertilizer and suspensions complete the package for the user in the area of agrochemicals. Highest quality and effect distinguish the products. All fertilizers have an ideal composition of macro and micronutrients. The innovation of these products lies in the fragmentation of nutrients on the size of nanoparticles.

„Biostimulants and biologigal leaf fertilizer are an integral part of plant health. In doing so, we offer innovative products that belong to the future.“

Lutz Rempel, STEFES GmbH