In SPARTA RESEARCH Ltd we have a mission to provide comprehensive agricultural solutions right from sowing to harvest, offering efficient, effective and affordable agrochemicals products to distributors and retailers in Panama and Ecuador.


For more information about our activities please contact: Lutz Rempel



In PANAMA we are holding registrations for a number of fungicides and herbicides that have a high demand in this market:


SPARTA COMBI 25 WG                                   Epoxiconazole 125 + Kresoxim-Methyl 125 g/kg WG    
SPARTAZONE 48 SL Bentazone 480 g/l SL
SPARTANIL 60 SC Pyrimethanil 600 g/l SC
SPARTABINA 25 EC Pyraclostrobin 250 g/l EC
SPARTAZUR 56 SC Chlorothalonil 500 + Azoxystrobin 60 g/l SC
SPARTACO 54 SL Glyphosate-Potassium 540 g/l SL
SPARTACLOR 96 EC Metolachlor 960 g/l EC

In the area of special fertilizer and biostimulants we are holding the following registrations:


AMINO16®                    Free L-Amino acid solutions
COS 90®      Chitosan Oligosaccarides 90%
NEOGREEN® LIQUID    Tannin and algae extracts
NEOGREEN® POWDER Z20 Mineral foliar fertilizer
NEOGREEN® POWDER CLASSIC Mineral foliar fertilizer



In ECUADOR we are holding registrations for the following special fertilizer and biostimulants.


NEOGREEN® 16 Free L-Amino acid solution
HERBAGREEN® Z20 Mineral foliar fertilizer
HERBAGREEN® FLUISAN Tannin and algae fertilizer