STEFES GmbH, Hamburg

Your partner for everything related to agricultural and speciality chemicals

SFM Chemicals GmbH

Our formulation plant with more than 60 years of experience in production of agrochemicals

STEFES GmbH, Vienna

The holding company of most STEFES companies

P.T. STEFES Indonesia

Our independent company is distributing a number of innovative fertilizer and crop protection chemicals

STEFES Ingredients GmbH

Our specialists in nutraceuticals for humans and pet animals, food and cosmetics

SPARTA Research Ltd

Through this subsidiary we hold some EU registrations

STEFES Group – Your success is our mission.

We are a medium-sized group of companies, part of which is active in the areas of crop protection, biostimulators, foliar fertilizers, specialty chemicals (industrial cleaner & car care). The development, production and distribution of such products is one of our core competences. Customers in more than 50 countries trust our expertise. You receive from us "everything from one source"; and no order is too small for us. Another part of our group, the STEFES Ingredients, operates in the raw materials sector for nutritional supplements, functional foods and beverages as well as animal nutrition and cosmetics. Our highly motivated and specially trained team takes care of your needs.


We believe that only a partnership with our customers and suppliers will ensure long-term success for all parties.


The business unit STEFES Agro includes the areas of crop protection, plant nutrition and health as well as services from purchasing to the formulation and distribution of plant protection products. 

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STEFES Ingredients GmbH is your partner for various raw materials for the use in nutraceuticals, functional food and beverages, but also for pet nutrition and cosmetic.

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There are two different product groups at home in this business area: Our proven CAR CARE CLASSIC-Line as well as selected industrial cleaner.

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The newest member of the STEFES Group. Production and filling of chemical products - particularly crop protection products - is core competence at the Ochsenfurt location.

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STEFES GmbH, Hamburg

STEFES GmbH in Hamburg is your contact for ag-chem and speciality chemical inquiries in Europe and overseas. Detailed market and product knowledge helps us to source and develop innovative products. Fast and careful logistics around the procurement and delivery of goods is a matter of course for us.  

STEFES Ingredients GmbH, Hamburg

STEFES Ingredients GmbH was founded at the end of 2013 and since then has been a reliable contact point for all matters relating to nutritional supplements, functional foods and drinks, cosmetics and animal nutrition supplements. While the core business is located within Europe, the business relationships extend as far as South Africa

P.T. STEFES Indonesia, Jakarta

Our independent company has registered a number of crop protection chemicals as well as fertilizers and is constantly engaged to bring further innovative products onto the market. At this we are supporting from Germany and are combining our strength with the knowledge on location in Indonesia. 

At present we are distributing herbicides, growth regulators and fertilizers which are mainly used in the following crops: Tillage, grassland, pasture, forest, cereal, rubber, cocoa, fruit trees.

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SFM Chemicals GmbH, Ochsenfurt

Since 1st January 2018 member of the STEFES Group. The formulation site in Franconia, South Germany offers more than 60 years of experience in the formulation and filling of liquid and solid substances in the field of crop protection. The mixing and filling of various liquid components into a new homogeneous form completes the offer.   

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STEFES GmbH, Vienna

The Austrian parent company of the STEFES-Group. Moreover, this company is taking care of own operations, whilst the focal points of the business are performed by its subsidiary in Hamburg.

SPARTA Research Ltd., Cork

Our Irish subsidiary is holding a number of our agrochemical registrations in the EU as well as in Latin America.

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„The chemistry has to be right, they say. That applies not only to our products and raw materials, but also to our team and our customers. "“

Karsten Fischer, Managing Director STEFES GmbH


We are a diversified international group of companies and we are offering our customers a wide range of products and services. We know of our responsibilities which are coming along when dealing with them. The following statements shall underline our actions.

  • We are standing for controlled growth through diversification and global orientation. The shareholders are giving company interests priority over own interests. We are looking for the long term success and not for the short term profit.
  • We are keeping promises given to our customers and suppliers. Our team has a high ability to respond and a fine dedication. We are always looking for innovations for our products and by doing so, we want to create an extra value for our customers.
  • Some of our products are having environmental requirements which we always respect and we are continuously updating our customers on that. Professional use with our products will preserve the environment and protect the user. In a dialogue between manufacturer and user, products and processes are being improved constantly.

Responsible care is a continuous process for us where in areas like Environment, Safety and Health we are working for a livable future.